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  • DayTuesday
  • Time12:20 - 12:35
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The Promise of Personalized Wellness: Trends and Business Models

Laila Zemrani Fitnescity

80% of some of the most common an costly health conditions could be prevented through lifestyle changes. To make these changes happen, we spend billions of dollars on wellness.

However, most studies show that a large portion of what we spend is wasted on heavily marketed, one-size-fits-all solutions that do not necessarily lead to any measurable outcomes.

Personalized Wellness holds promise for improving many aspects of wellness, lifestyle optimization and prevention. It creates significant opportunities for improving outcomes by leveraging data from the individual’s unique physiology, history and lifestyle. This growing market category is today at a turning point as it moves from data collection to insights and recommendations.

This talk will discuss the economics of Personalized Wellness, covering market trends and emerging business models. The session will present data and feedback sourced from industry research and from interviews with industry experts.