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  • DayTuesday
  • Time11:20 - 11:35
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Catalyzing Contemplative Development with Technology

Winslow Strong Palo Alto Neuroscience

For millennia humans have developed themselves using meditation, yoga, inquiry, and other contemplative techniques.  The ends motivating these means have ranged from increasing the capacities & wellness of the mind & body, seeing reality more clearly, altering our felt sense of self, ending suffering, as well as other more mystical notions.
In recent years the subset of these aims most accessible to measurement has started to be rigorously investigated using scientific methodologies and modern technologies  Neuroscience in particular has learned a lot by studying contemplative masters, but so far the reciprocal benefits have been minimal.  Moreover, these investigations have only studied the shallowest goals of contemplative practices, as compared to the deeper transformational goals aimed at by the traditions from which they originated.
What if this could become more of a two-way exchange, with modern science and technology assisting in measuring and attaining the deep transformational aims of contemplative practices?