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  • DayTuesday
  • Time13:55 - 14:15
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Consciousness Hacking: New Paths to Wellbeing

Mikey Siegel Consciousness Hacking

Spiritual and religious traditions have historically cornered the market on paths to peace, connection, and wellbeing. Science and technology are truly ubiquitous and incredibly beneficial, but they do little to point us toward deep flourishing. With all of our digital connectivity, by many measures we are not getting any happier. What if we applied our incredible engineering capacity toward our inner world? What if we took an innovation approach to spirituality itself, and redesigned it for a modern secular world? What if tech that provided the benefit of 10,000 hours of meditation was as accessible as cell phones? Can we hack consciousness itself?

Collectively we are just scratching the surface in terms of the evolutionary potential of human consciousness. Of course, meditation research represents the beginnings of this realization within academia, but there is a renaissance which is possible as we begin to recognize that ‘awakening’ is not a spiritual or religious phenomena, but a measurable, attainable, and highly beneficial shift in our human experience which can be supported globally through science and technology. This is not just about global wellness, this is about a global shift in consciousness that is needed to avoid potentially self-destructive futures.

Join me as we explore this emerging world of Transformative Technology, driven by breakthroughs in meditation research, wearable sensors, and artificial intelligence. I’ll provide examples of emerging innovations from the global Consciousness Hacking community which has spread to over 20 locations around the world, and is focused on developing new tools for wellbeing. I’ll also present a number of ongoing projects including the GroupFlow project which aims to build a scientific understanding of human connection, and then develop an open source platform that fosters connection, collaboration and flow in groups.