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  • DayMonday
  • Time17:30 - 17:35
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Cracking the Mental Health Code with Blood Pressure Variability Wearable Sensor

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Current state of wearable device is largely capable of providing basic physical activity information based on motion tracking sensor and an optical sensor. Steps, heart rate, and sleep are all part of the quantified self and digital health movement which is on the rise in both personal and business use. Besides the physical wellness, health is also defined by mental and social well being. In fact, WHO states that mental illness is now the main leading cause of productivity loss and estimated at USD 15 Trillion.

Our wearable sensor was mindfully developed to help addressing this difficult and stigmatized issue of mental wellness.  The algorithm was uniquely constructed by tracking blood pressure variability and changes in stress hormone cortisol. The product is firstly targeted corporate wellness program by quantifiably describing employees’ mental wellness through tracking and mapping their stress and sleep quality. A few real life cases will be presented and discussed together with our latest research results in using our product to decode depressive disorder patients.